Uber Uns

BEFANA, which, throughout it's 150 years old history, transformed from huge corporation into private company, is now one of the

main European file manufacturers.

As the only remaining file producer in Poland we create the strongest brand in domestic market. At the same time, we are gradually spreading exporting areas world-wide and our tools continually reach new locations, turning BEFANA into growing competition for currently dominating branches. 

We offer: 
* Machinist's files
* Key files
* Saw files
* Milled tooth files
* Needle files
* Precision files
* Rifflers
* Rasps
* Rotary burs 
* Knurling wheels 
* Knife sharpeners
* Files for filing machines
* Musician Files
* Special files – production to order


Our valuable asset is flexible and personal attitude towards our customers – considering offered tools, deliveries and all other aspects of executing orders or running mutual projects.

Our flag-word is „European quality, Polish workmanship” and following this rule in every day work convince more and more companies to choose our products and services.

Check our offer and become one of our satisfied customers.